land law lawyers in Spain


Land Law takes care of the proper utilization and manipulation of the territory. A land involves the territory and its elements, such as the trees, buildings, and waters… Therefore, the first thing to consider is what is the purpose of the owner or potential buyer of the area, as they may be restricted by the edges that surround it, the licenses of the territory (as some protected fauna and flora may live there), as well as who has access to the land.

Many Spanish lands have different boundaries and restrictions for being national and natural parks or livestock trailing. Consequently, in most judicial processes, land law may be linked with several types of properties such as real estate and personal ones and some other laws like municipal and environmental (which includes mineral, water, and animal laws).

All this along with the rights of ways, that is often not a simple thing to understand, and taxes, can make finding a good land tedious and frustrating labor when trying to invest in Spanish properties or just renting, sometimes, you can even think of giving up.

Another important legal issue is easements. The easement rights that the land being purchased may have is a fundamental issue when buying land in Spain.

However, a Spanish lawyer who is specialized in land law’s job is ensuring everything is correct when selling, buying, or using a property. Therefore, they can inform you with the greatest accuracy about:

  • The type of buildings you can have (a house, a factory, an industrial unit…)
  • What type of animals you can have (pets, stock for selling, farm animals…)
  • How can you garden (as a personal garden or for industrial purposes)
  • Whether if you can cut some trees or not
  • If the property will be purchased has a right of easement
  • How can you sell or buy land
  • Is it possible to sign a mortgage contract on an estate?
  • And of course, how to keep your taxes clean.

Thus, to not find trouble with anything related to land law, you just have to put in contact with us. We will take care of everything, from just advising to all the process of selling/buying and building in a property.

land law lawyers in Spain