In the United Kingdom and other Anglo-Saxon countries, there is no national identity card as we understand it in Spain. Thus, the need arises to look for other means of proving citizens’ identities.
On many occasions, passports, driving licences or even electricity or water bills are valid documents as proof of identity.

However, in order to carry out certain more important operations, it is necessary to issue an IDENTITY CERTIFICATE (ID PROOF). For example, in order to buy and sell a property, such certificates are required, without which the sale of the property cannot proceed.
For these cases, it will be necessary that a law firm belonging to the Legal Services List of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) issues the corresponding IDENTITY CERTIFICATE (ID PROOF). The ID PROOF (ID PROOF) is issued in English and proves the identity of the identified person.
For this, the original passport or driving licence is required; once these have been presented, the personal details are entered and the document is drawn up.
llucia&AS-LAWYERS is a law firm belonging to the List and offers the identification service to citizens who need it.
Furthermore, these services include direct communication both with the citizen who needs this IDENTITY CERTIFICATE (ID PROOF) and with the entity or organisation that requires it.
These entities and organisations range from banks to notaries and real estate agents who need this IDENTITY CERTIFICATE (ID PROOF).

ID PROOF IN SPAIN – The way to prove a person’s identity in Spain is simple (showing the DNI) but this document does not exist in the UK, USA or Australia.

Therefore, if you need this certificate, our office will be pleased to attend to your legal needs. So do not hesitate and get in touch wiht us.