From llucia&AS-LAWYERS offer all kind of advice and consultancy which allow our clients count on the legal attendance in all their professional projects and/or business.

For that reason, we offer our professional services to our clients which allow to their companies acquire new added values, therefore it allows them give to their companies a professional management.

We give advice from how to manage the information, how to develop the structure of a company, help our costumer with quality matters, we help our clients as they can operate, regulate and grow their businesses. These are some examples of our advice work.

Nevertheless, the most important figure of this department is without a doubt THE COMPLIANCE OFFICER who, since the reform of the penal code in matter of criminal liability of the legal entity, COMPLIANCE OFFICER has gained relevance that it didn’t have before.

If you need more information and you want to know in detail our services of consultancy, please you don’t hesitate to contact us, we will attend you without commitment.

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