llucia&AS-LAWYERS offers legal services in English everywhere in Spain, mainly in the South of Spain (Seville, Cadiz, Costal del Sol …..). The scope of our legal service is very large and included all kind of legal matters.

So, we are dedicated to providing legal services to all kind of companies. Our staff make assistant services available to help our clients with their judicial necessities in Spain. 
In criminal law, we deal in person with clients whose need to be aided in Police Office. When our clients are in troubles and can be jailed, our legal firm assist with our speaking english lawyers at law.

llucia&AS-LAWYERS offers advice on employment law: dimissal, severance pay.

Moreover, our firm offer advice on civil litigation, contract law, debt collection, law of tort and, in general, on all kind of civil issues. So, if you need to start a claim in the civil Court in Spain, we will advice during all the judicial process in english. For filing a claim in Spain, it is necesary a lawyer at law and a “Procurador”; the Procurador is the person who has the rights of representation in Court.

In addition, our legal firm represent and advice on family law and divorces in Spain. 

Other legal issues in which our legal firm offer legal advice are in the bank law. If you want to sign a loan contract or loan mortgage in Spain, we recommend you to be counseled by a lawyers especialized in bank law. Before to sign any bank contract is advisable to be guided by a lawyer.

lawyers in Seville
legal advice in Seville

We represent private persons as well as companies in domestic and international proceedings that need legal advice in English. In efectt, we count on english speaking lawyers.

Finally, we have a department of REAL STATE. Our firm offer this services in order to advice in all aspects of purchase contracts and real estate law. In this matter, the non-european citizens can laverage the purchase of a property in Spain to get the GOLDEN VISA.

You don not hesitate to contact with us.

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